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Guide's Day Off

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Guide's Day Off
    I count myself as lucky that sometimes the boundaries between my work and my play get diminished, blurred and indistinct. In the course of many seasons a guide might meet people from all over the world. Some of them will catch fish and some won't. Some will never come back. And a few might return each season. You do your best to help them, show them the water and you try to find the fish, you give them lots of support and encouragement. You try to teach them some things, and you share your water and experience. Some of these people become your friends. Andy has been putting up with me for years. This year Andy and I took a day off to be fishing buddies. It worked out perfectly. 

Andy plys the tides.

    Cool and cloudy, no wind, and a fog all morning into afternoon. And we were all alone on the beaches mid week.

Andy's beautiful Irish sea trout flies.

The Compost System of Fly Management:
I just keep adding new flies on top of the ones that are disintegrating in my box.

I got lucky first . . .
A nice autumn sea-run Cutthroat.
Break time on the beach.
Andy's Orvis Access switch rod and reel. Ready for coho!
Three casts into the afternoon and this happened.
A beautiful ocean bright coho!

Way to go Andy!
   This is one of the happiest aspects of being a guide- you meet some great people. And some of them end up being your friend, and your fishing buddy. Thanks for a great day Andy!

Late September Olympic Peninsula fly fishing update: 9/21/14

   The Olympic Peninsula rivers are still running very low. We have yet to get the kind of rain here that will turn it all on for autumn. The short term forecast ahead does indicate some rain. We'll just have to wait and see. And as I said last week, there are still plenty of great little spots to fish in the low water, and you wouldn't be putting the fish at risk. There are some bruising sea run cutthroat around now, and summer steelhead. And there's more to come. These fish will be holding in shaded waters, deeper pockets and pools, longer deeper glides, and below tributaries where there may be colder ground water upwelling into the main stem rivers. Deep, slow, dead-drifted soft hackle flies, caddis pupae and especially the dry flies- October Caddis, muddlers and Bill McMillan's Steelhead Caddis, skated and skittered across the surface, are all good patterns this time of year. Oh, And right now there are coho running the beaches just about everywhere. Decisions, decisions . . . 

   To learn more about Puget Sound and Olympic Peninsula fly fishing call or write for more details. I would be happy to help you plan your Olympic Peninsula adventure.


Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide and Instructor

  I am guiding fly fishers on the Olympic Peninsula beaches, rivers and streams. We walk and wade, fly fishing for sea-run Coastal Cutthroat trout in freshwater and saltwater, and in the rivers for trout and summer steelhead. This is strictly catch and release, traditional fly fishing only. Lunch, snacks, soft beverages, and use of some equipment is included. Personalized and private fly fishing and fly casting instruction, and guided trips are available, for beginners through expert anglers. Public presentations, Naturalist guide for rowboat picnics, Tide Pool and river trail day trips. Please call, write or email for booking details.

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