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Autumn Equinox Rain, and a New Moon

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Autumn Equinox Rain

  This autumn equinox came on with a splash! We are definitely in the big change to cooler and wetter weather here now. And I am not complaining. The weather moved in fast here, with a big low front on the Pacific coast that has driven some much needed rain across the parched Olympic Mountains. The rivers jumped up pretty quickly here today too.

Graph of  Discharge, cubic feet per second

    The barometer came up to nearly 30 mm on Thursday so this storm has been moderating, with light to brief, heavy rainfall, mixed sun and clouds and WIND. I hear that the coast had 50 knot winds and waves over 30 feet high! And the rivers also calmed down. We have more rain coming tonight and into Friday. I was driving home across the Hood Canal Bridge tonight and I could see curtains of rain enclosing the Olympics in a misty shroud. The mood is definitely changing. By the weekend they predict that we will have gotten some 2 to 5 inches of rain. But mostly it is a soaker. This is the beginning of autumn in earnest. And the rivers will rise some more too. This is going to get some fish moving now, in the saltwater and in the rivers. A perfect launch to our autumn fishing. And the coming weekend is supposed to be very nice. 

   Speaking of the Hoh River, last week I mentioned that the National Park Service had temporarily closed all fishing on the Hoh River, within the upper river reaches inside of the Olympic National Park boundaries, including the South Fork Hoh River, to protect the spawning Chinook salmon there. Check the dates and boundaries in each of these following links carefully.

 Today the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife closed all fishing on the state waters of the Hoh River, from Morgan's Crossing upstream to the Park boundaries.

 Once those Hoh River chinook salmon are done spawning in a few weeks, you can get up there and cast a fly to the summer steelhead and cutthroat. 

    Meanwhile, we will be getting some serious October Caddis action out here for the next month or more on our rivers. And those cutthroat and steelhead will be willing. Many of our west-end Olympic Peninsula coastal rivers hold sea-run Cutthroat, and by now they will be fat and sassy after a summer of feasting on saltwater forage. Getting back into the rivers during the October Caddis hatch means that they will be reckless about dry flies. 

   Oh yes! Here's some cool summer steelhead flies that my friend Leland Miyawaki ties and fishes with. You can connect with him at the Orvis Bellevue fly Shop.

Leland Miyawaki's "Phat Flies"

   September 24th- The New Moon

Reading the signs . . .

     As if fresh running rivers, mild days and crisp cool nights, October Caddis hatches and willing fish weren't enough for us, the coho salmon are coming home now too. And this weather is really going to spur them on as those rivers freshen up on higher flows. So for the next few weeks we will also be enjoying beach fishing with the increasing tidal energies of the waxing moon. The full moon in October is on the 8th, (and it will be a lunar eclipse event as well). I know that some people swear by them, yet I have never really followed the "Solunar fishing tables" with any serious intent. But when it comes to saltwater fishing it does pay to be aware of the moon phases as this drives the tides. Big tides, rising rivers, cooler autumn air rushing in, Oh man. It's hard to mourn the loss of summer sun and warmth with this much good fishing in the offing. Break out your sweaters and warm hats! I love the smell of cedar wood smoke in the cool evenings. . .

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