Thursday, February 26, 2015

When your stars align

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   When your stars align

When your stars align 
photo by Summer Martell
   We have been scouting the local beaches here at the east end of the Olympic Peninsula since early this month. The weather has been so mild that it is hard to believe that we are in the middle of winter. A few days ago we got pink cheeks from the warm sun all day. It was no surprise that there was nothing doing as far as our seeing any sea-run Cutthroat feeding on chum fry yet. Even with the warm weather it is still a bit too early for that, especially when we are fishing any distance from the streams. We are hearing reliable reports of chum fry in the estuaries in the south Puget Sound region, and of course there are cutthroat chasing them already there too. I am guessing we have a few more weeks to wait up here. With everything blooming so soon, and people mowing their lawns already, we are seeing many natural cycles somewhat accelerated. Water temperature plays a significant role in the development of juvenile fish before they emerge form the gravel, and afterwards as well. No doubt the warmer winter here will help our local chum salmon fry to emerge from the gravel a bit earlier as well. And of course we know that as the waters warm up the trout become stimulated and more active feeders. I am guessing that our local Cutthroat trout are spawning now, a bit earlier than usual perhaps. It's just a hunch. But I am following up with some field trips on this soon. And I will share the results with you here. If they are spawning right now it would explain their absence in many of their usual saltwater haunts.

Mid winter sea-run Cutthroat fly fishing
   Most worthwhile things in life are a matter of timing. We know that this is especially true of fishing. We need to pay attention to weather, tides, winds, natural life cycles of the fish we pursue, we need to understand their habits and prey as well. I find this life deeply enriching and rewarding. When we were fishing at the beginning of the month it was warm and sunny many days, and we fished in shirtsleeves. The shallow places were uncommonly warm, and there were insects in the air. We had trout feeding right in front of us on those days. What a difference a few weeks has made. But we only have a matter of days ahead of us to get ready for the spring fishing to begin to happen in a  big way here in the north sound waters. It's time to get ready. Tie your flies, prepare your tackle, get some practice in on that fly casting.  As soon as it gets going up here, and the sea-run Cutthroat are recovered from their spawning, and fully robust and feeding on the beaches again, I will be letting you know here in this blog. When it lights up here, it does so virtually overnight, so stay tuned! 

   Happy Birthday Lefty Kreh!!

Lefty Kreh at 90

   Happy Birthday to you Lefty!  Master angler, fly tier, inventor, mentor, teacher, writer, WWII veteran of distinction, and so much more.  I count myself as fortunate that I was able to get fly casting lessons with Lefty at many of the winter shows when I lived on the east coast. If you are a fly fisherman- you owe many of the innovations, skills and crafts, equipment etc., to this amazing man and his creative and adventurous life.
Here is a recent radio interview with Lefty, and it is an eye opener. Enjoy!

   We will be back on the water this spring! Just in time for the beginning of another beautiful season of wild sea run Coastal Cutthroat trout fly fishing on the saltwaters and rivers of the Olympic Peninsula, Hood Canal and Puget Sound. Drop me a note or give me a call for details. All trips, casting instruction sessions, presentations, and rowboat picnics must be booked in advance.

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  I am guiding fly fishers on the Olympic Peninsula beaches, rivers and streams. We walk and wade, fly fishing for sea-run Coastal Cutthroat trout in freshwater and saltwater, and in the rivers for trout and summer steelhead. This is strictly catch and release, traditional fly fishing only. Lunch, snacks, soft beverages, and use of some equipment is included. I also offer personalized and private fly fishing and fly  casting instruction for beginners.  I would be happy to help you plan your Olympic Peninsula fly fishing adventure, for beginners through expert anglers. Public presentations, Naturalist guide, Rowboat picnics, Tide Pool and  River trail day trips. Please call, write or email for booking details. Now booking for April and May! 

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