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"Ask your doctor if being this happy is right for you!"

Your Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide.
Catch & Release, Fly Fishing Only!

Greg fishing the skinny water on a small coastal stream.

     The first year that Greg came out to fish with me he wanted to fly fish the Olympic Peninsula for most of the Fourth of July week. And he wanted to do something different almost every day. I was keen on sharing the sea-run cutthroat fishing in Puget Sound with him, but I knew he would enjoy all of the other fishing options I could offer him too. So I planned each of our fishing days separately- around saltwater beach fishing, small stream fishing, lake fishing and big river fishing. We have sea-run cutthroat, river-run cutthroat, summer steelhead, a few rare resident rainbow, (Called residualized steelhead by the biologists around here.), and a mix of stocked lake fishing opportunities, with cutthroat and rainbows to choose from.

    In the beginning, and for the first few years that he came out here, we focused on one kind of fishing, in one area, saltwater beaches rivers or lakes, for each outing. But after a few years running of his annual visits here, we began to mix things up on each trip. And eventually we had worked out a repertoire of dry fly fishing on some of the streams lower reaches, for cutthroat, not far from tidewater, usually in the morning and through early afternoons. It can be hot here in mid July, so being in the fresh cool stream flows is refreshing, especially with good shade from the trees overhead, dense along the riverbanks. By early afternoon we would take a rest in the shade, often just sitting on the riverbanks, and have a nice cool shady lunch. We would watch the Flycatchers and Cedar Waxwings and Red Winged Blackbirds, as they chased and fed on countless flies that were swarming over the waters. Then after lunch we might wade down to fish the mouth of the stream, into the saltchuck, as the tides came in. Or we might head off to a good fishing beach somewhere else, looking for sea-runs, or for the early Pink salmon, on the "Pink Years." By later afternoon the air would be cooling down, and we didn't need the shade so much, and we were wading in cool tidewater too. So refreshing. 
Dry fly fishing for cutthroat. We use these in the saltchuck too!
Artwork by Bob White

     Mixing up the fishing days with some variety this way is especially satisfying. And we never get bored. Each water has its own rhythm of flow, temperature, sound and color, surroundings, scenery, etc. And you have to riddle out what might work in the approach, as far as flies, presentations, pace, etc. There's a sense of movement, and progress through the day. But we don't ever let ourselves feel pressed, or on a set schedule. We are fortunate to have so much diverse variety of trout habitat here, with so many streams and rivers that terminate in the saltchuck, all around the Olympic Peninsula. We never really have to travel very far to find a good opportunity. And there's so much water out here, that there's always the chance of discovering something new. 

An early July Pink salmon took our trout fly!

    For a few months during most spring seasons here, there's a good opportunity to go summer steelhead fishing on some really beautiful waters. By mid summer the rivers here get very low, and this gets more challenging. But autumn rain really turns them on again. With the big snow pack and rain season we had last winter, and through this spring, I expect that the summer run fishing will be good well through to July or later this year. these are lovely, and easy walk and wade days, deep in the heart of wild nature. We can skate big dry flies, greased liners, and drift traditional single soft-hackle flies . . . If you like that sort of thing.

Olympic Peninsula Summer Steelhead fly fishing water.
Ask your doctor if being this happy is right for you!

Your Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide and Instructor

      I  guide fly fishers on the Olympic Peninsula beaches, rivers and streams. We walk and wade, fly fishing for sea-run Coastal Cutthroat trout in freshwater and saltwater, and in the rivers for trout and summer  run steelhead. This is strictly catch and release, traditional fly fishing only. Lunch, snacks, soft beverages, and use of some equipment is included. I also offer personalized and private fly fishing and fly casting instruction.  I would be happy to help you plan your Olympic Peninsula fly fishing adventures, for beginners through expert anglers. Public presentations, Naturalist guide, Rowboat picnics, Tide Pool and  River trail day trips. Please call, write or email for booking details. Now booking for April through October. Please plan ahead! 

This is the traditional way to fly fish for sea-run Cutthroat!
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Bob Triggs
Little Stone Flyfisher
P.O. Box 261
Port Townsend, WA

Licensed Washington State Guide 
Certified Fly Casting Instructor
Trout Unlimited Aquatic Educator Award
W.S.U. Water Watchers and Beach Watchers Graduate
U.S.C.G First Aid/CPR/BLS/AED/BBP/HIV Certified

Phone: 360-385-9618

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