Thursday, August 1, 2013

What's in Store: It's a cutthroat business out there

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Releasing a wild sea run Coastal Cutthroat trout.
 Here is a link to an interview I did last year.

 This is by Jan Halliday, of The Port Townsend Leader newspaper. This was a lot of fun. It turns out that Jan has had quite a remarkable Pacific Northwest fishing life of her own. And she is a very good writer as well. Check out her weekly column. Thank you Jan!

What's in Store: It's a cutthroat business out there - Whats In Store

 I hope you like it!

 So far it has been just another boring Pacific Northwest summer- You know, all the usual tedious stuff; day after day of beautiful blue skies and sunny warmth, soft cooling ocean breezes all day, glorious sunsets, refreshingly cool evenings and mornings, and a huge run of Coho and Pink salmon coming into Puget sound waters now. . . And we are catching some Wicked Good sea run Cutthroat out there too. Ho Hum. Only the strong survive. A very nice cooling trend settled in here over the last few days, and we even got some light rain and fog today all morning into mid day. I'm thinking that this weekend is going to be just flat good for Cutthroat and Coho on the beaches. The long range forecast for Admiralty Inlet shows very stable weather; clear nights and mild days, very little wind. Unfortunately this little trickle of rain has not made a perceptible impact on the normally low mid-summer flows on our coastal rivers.

 MMM... Some really good evening tides coming up now around this new moon cycle. Don't miss the evening tides on our beaches!

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