Friday, November 16, 2012

A Few Nice Days, A Little Sunshine, and A River In The Sky!

A Few Nice Days...

Morning Commute Coffee Break
These are native cedar carvings.

Guardians of the Jamestown S'Klallam Longhouse Market

Good Morning Hoh River Spirits!
This is a lovely shade of jade green. We like a little color to the water.

A Little Sunshine...
By early afternoon the sun has had an impact on the snow and glaciers upriver.

Another Green water Morning

Jim came here from Texas for a few days.

After lunch, no cigar, no nap...
Yes, I can sleep standing up, hip deep in ice water!

                                                       The White Mouse, Skagit Style.

Working tight to a bank

Winter Green

Back To The Saltchuck!

Tom came over  for Sea Run Cutthroat

Sweet ending to a beautiful day.

A River In The Sky!

Heavy November Rain!

NWRFC  NW River Forecasting Center 10 day Forecast

 Actually, this is good news for our rivers and fish, and not at all unusual for November hereabouts. These rains and expected increased flows may be just what the winter runs of Steelhead need to come home upon. Eh, once the trees, mud and debris clears... When it rains here it often pours! Seems like a month's worth of rain in a week or so. 

 Let us hope that the freezing levels in the Olympic Mountains can stay at low enough altitudes to buffer the impacts of the melt water and runoff into the rivers. Right now the soils are saturating and it won't be long before the rains hit. This weekend will likely get slammed, and I'm not optimistic about a Thanksgiving steelhead trip either. Were still catching sea run Coastal Cutthroat in the salt on area beaches and the Chum Salmon are coming home now too. Once the storm breaks that may be all of the fishing that we will have for a time. Happy Holidays!

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