Tuesday, October 23, 2018

October's end.

Your Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide.
Catch & Release, Fly Fishing Only!

The weather is changing.

   We have had an uncommonly mild, warm, dry and pleasant autumn here on the Olympic Peninsula so far. And the rivers are running low now, well below normal flows, as we have had very little rain. Not so good for trout fishing, especially with all of the leaves in the water on some breezy days. As October draws to a close, all of this is changing. For the next ten days, the forecast looks like light to moderate rainfall across western Washington. The southwest wind pattern, carrying Pacific Ocean warm moist air, is beginning to set up. The rivers should be on the rise over the next week or so. A hint of things to come as winter edges near.  We've had great sea-run cutthroat trout fishing on the beaches all along. And if the rains don't get too intense, we may have really good river flows for some more trout and summer steelhead fishing. There's some big sea-runs getting into our coastal rivers this time of year. The winter-run hatchery steelhead are coming too. And we owe it to them to go catch them. The rains will help.

Madrone in fall berries 

Does this dory make my ass look fat?
   What I love about autumn fishing here is how beautiful the forests and rivers are when the moisture, fog and rains are seeping into the parched soils. Everything comes back to life, dripping wet. The rain forest gets that deep, earthy fragrance back  It's like living in a Sierra Club calendar. By late, dark, cold winter, that will get a little old. But for now, I am digging it. Lots of good fishing ahead! We'll be beach and river fishing all fall, and through December. 

Fly fishing for sea-run Cutthroat from a classic Swampscott Dory.
For one angler. By appointment only.

Your Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide and Instructor

     I am guiding fly fishers on the Olympic Peninsula beaches, rivers and streams. We walk and wade, fly fishing for sea-run Coastal Cutthroat trout in freshwater and saltwater, and in the rivers for Cutthroat trout and summer steelhead. This is strictly catch and release, traditional fly fishing only. Lunch, snacks, soft beverages, and use of some equipment is included. I also offer personalized and private fly fishing and fly casting instruction for beginners through advanced casters.  I would be happy to help you plan your Olympic Peninsula fly fishing adventure, for all levels of ability. Public presentations, Naturalist Guide, rowboat picnics, tide pool and  river trail day trips. Please call, write or email for booking details. Now booking through October and beyond. Please call or write for details.

Bob Triggs
Little Stone Flyfisher
P.O. Box 261
Port Townsend, WA

Licensed Washington State Guide 
Certified Fly Casting Instructor
Trout Unlimited Aquatic Educator Award
W.S.U.Beach Watcher
U.S.C.G First Aid/CPR/BLS/AED/BBP/HIV Certified

Phone: 360-385-9618

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