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October Expectations

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October expectations

Harbinger of fall.

 This autumn has to be one of the nicest I have ever endured here on the Olympic Peninsula. Our dry season has extended well through the first week of October, and we have had summer weather all along. Of course this means that the rivers are very low right now. But we have been having some really good beach fishing for the last month here. The sea run Coastal Cutthroat trout have been available, entertaining and willing to take our flies. And some of the nicest fish of the year are haunting our beaches in September and October. Just about everywhere north of the Columbia River system the coho have been slow to show. We have seen them caught here on our beaches with some consistency, tide to tide, over the last three weeks. And with plenty of good reports from the fishing west of here, in Sekiu etc., we expect to see coho on our beaches through October.

My friend Andy caught  a nice little coho on the beach.

The sea-run Cutthroat are a little bigger this time of year. 

It wouldn't be autumn without the rain. So don't be fooled by these temporary arid conditions. One resource for reliable forecasting is the great Professor Cliff Mass at the University of Washington. Check out his Monday October 6th posting for the scoop on the incoming moisture cycle next week. By the weekend we should be seeing some rain in the Olympic Mountains, and some new life on our streams. It looks like autumn is moving in for real now. With the full moon tides this week we can expect that the fish will keep moving, on the beaches and in the rivers. There is no serious weather on the screen this week ahead, so we should have some good fishing into the weekend and maybe longer. In my perfect world the fall rains would slowly seep in. We could fish dry flies all of the way through the fall hatch. It just might happen that way this time. But for now, you could skate a big fluffy muddler fly across the tides and see what happens. I am so ready for the refreshing autumn season, the dripping wet cedar trees, their tops bowing with the weight of mist and rain, the hot cider and apples, and wood smoke in the air. 

Autumn fishing means afternoon coffee breaks.
We are loving the Boiler Room Espresso blend from Sunrise Coffee Company

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