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Arctic December Surprise

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   Arctic December Surprise

Counting spawning Coho.
    December 9th update. 

    Ever since Thanksgiving weekend the Olympic Peninsula coastal steelhead rivers have been drawing down in flows, beneath a deep freeze that has lasted most of the last two weeks. It has been very cold and dry. And This does slow down the fishing. But despite these low and clear, cold conditions, the winter run hatchery steelhead are showing up on time, and the fishermen are catching them. And we do expect that the fish will follow their usual schedule, and continue to be showing up in their greatest numbers through Christmas and New Years day. 

Working a winter run.

   Just in time- RAIN! The arctic weather is going to be progressively moderating all week ahead here, as warmer air moves in, and we do see some blessed rain on the horizon. It looks to be coming in slowly, with Thursday and Friday likely seeing some more significant rainfall and a warming trend. No doubt the rivers will come up to some degree. The rivers and the fish need this rain. And we fishermen will appreciate the warmer temperatures too. This week should be good, and getting better, if we get the minor rainfall each day or night or so, along the way. I don't think anyone can yet say how next weekend will be. It could go either way by then. Even if the bigger water does come up to become an issue, there are often many upriver spots, and smaller waters, that are open and approachable for this fishing. I am looking forward to some cloudy, dripping wet weather myself. And these fish will become more reactive to a fly with a warming trend too. Just be sure to get it in front of them, deep and slow.

   We'll be walk and wade fishing these beautiful Olympic Peninsula rivers all winter.  Our early winter-run Steelhead are coming into the Olympic Peninsula coastal rivers with each spate that we have been having, all through autumn and early winter so far. If you would like to plan a fishing date with me- do it well ahead of time. Winter sea-run Cutthroat beach trips as well.
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