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Early winter, Perfect flows . . .

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Early winter, Perfect flows . . .

Early winter run.
 11/14/13 Update

 For the last month or so we have gotten intermittent rains here on the Olympic Peninsula, and thus far this has been very beneficial to fish and fishermen alike. Our coastal rivers have not been terribly affected despite several very brief high water events. If anything, each spate has brought new fish upriver. There are fish- Coastal Cutthroat trout, summer-run Steelhead, early winter-run Steelhead, Char and Salmon- spread throughout most of these systems now. For the last week the flows have been on the drop, and the fishing conditions have been near perfect. Right now the river gauges are reading about average for this time of year. Over this upcoming next weekend forecast in particular we have a nice mix of moderate rainfall and very cold air, low altitude freezing levels in the mountains, which should sustain these current moderate river flows through next Monday or Tuesday anyway. This is shaping up to be a very good weekend to fish on these rivers. By Thanksgiving we will likely be seeing a lot more winter run steelhead around here.

Hoh River morning.

   On the Saltchuck- people have gone downright Chum Crazy lately! The Chum Salmon run is turning out to be about double the numbers of what the managers had forecast it to be this fall. For some observations and resources on seeking out these fish, Blogger Christopher Dunagan's blog, "Watching Our Water Ways," recent notes on this Chum salmon run may be helpful. And over at the Orvis Bellevue Facebook Page, Fly Shop Manager Jason Cotta has provided a brief video on rods and rigging for our Chum Salmon fly fishing. So, if you are inclined, this is one heck of a fun game to get in on it out here; Using a 9 to 10 weight rod, a floating line, or a clear intermediate sink tip, 4-6 foot level mono leader of 16-20 pounds test, small, heavy bright flies, pink, cerise, chartreuse, etc. Some of these fish are very tough and big. We're still catching some bright sea run Cutthroat here too. And with the autumn being so mild, I expect this to continue through the month or more ahead.

Autumn sunset on the Saltchuck.

Happy news for us locals!
The documentary film "Kiss The Water"-  the life of Scottish classic salmon fly tier Megan Boyd, will be playing in Port Townsend at The Rose Theatre, this Saturday and Sunday, 11:30 a.m. each day only. For details see here:

 This is it! Autumn is here! The run is on! You should be fishing!

 We'll be walk and wade fishing these beautiful Olympic Peninsula saltwater beaches right through autumn, with September, October and November offering us some of the best guided beach fishing opportunities of the year. Our winter-run Steelhead are coming into the rivers with each spate that we have been having all through autumn so far. If you would like to plan a fishing date with me- do it well ahead of time.

 Remember: Catch & Release, Fly fishing Only! 

 Beginners welcome. Full instruction available. Complete support assured. Use of equipment available. Picnic lunch and soft beverages provided. Celebrating over 33 years of international fly fishing adventures!

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