Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Things are shaping up!

Just another Monday at the office.

For the past few weeks it has been touch and go as far as river flows and fishing conditions here. A few small areas here and there were fishing, though most reports were slow. Our beaches had some good breaks in the weather and winds and sea run cutthroat are robust and strong this time of year. On the milder days we will fish for them this winter, certainly through November. And the Coho and Chum are offering some unique beach fishing challenges too, especially on a six weight. But it is not unusual at all that we experience winter warm fronts, extreme high altitude freezing and snow levels above 8000 feet, and high river flows. These cycles will melt any accumulated snow, and even ice and glaciers, and the waters can become very turbid.

 Happily these days pass on and we get a return of cold arctic air from the northwest, pushing down from Canada and Alaska, and our freezing levels drop to lower altitudes, the rains freeze up into snow and ice, and the rivers come back into good fishing shape quickly. This is what is occurring here now, and by the end of this week the west end Olympic Peninsula coastal rivers and streams will be in beautiful shape, flows and color should be near perfect, and we are due for a sunny and drier break out here too.

Note: With freezing levels dropping from 11,000 feet to 2000 feet in just a few days there is a good chance of black ice on our roads. Be extra careful!

 This NOAA forecasting tool is very accurate to within a few days to a week. And although I usually hesitate to rely on it for anything more than 72 hours, I have to say that it is looking very good ahead. Take a look at it, learn how to use it. It will become another good tool in your winter steelhead fishing planning toolbox.

Northwest River Forecasting Center

See you on the rivers!

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